We sell food products in foreign markets

We help companies to understand international markets and steam their internationalization process.

Services we provide

Market Research

Providing our partners with the
best datafrom targeted markets


Build brand image
and marketing materials.

Logistics and Operations

Streamlining product flow.


We define the best strategy
to address each local market.

Trade Fairs

Representing partners
at international trade fairs.

Social Media

Strategies implementation.


Proposing and implementing
marketing strategies.


Finding the right channels
and local partners.
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Mushrooms contain some of the most potent natural medicines on the planet.

Please check some of the mushrooms we have to distribute.

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The Portuguese fruits and vegetables are known to be high quality. We believe that we must use the best products. Check out the Portuguese certified products that you can find with us.

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Portuguese canned fish is world known by its quality and delicious taste. Produced with fresh fish, captured in the Portuguese coast, and in accordance with the traditional method, the “pre-cooked".

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Virgin olive oil has the ability to preserve its flavour, aroma, vitamins and antioxidants, being the only vegetable oil that can be consumed directly in a virgin and raw state.

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Wine is in our culture since the beginning of times.

Our wines have been distinguished in the last years with top recognition from international wine magazines and trophies. Our most recognized regions are:

Douro, Dão, Verde, Beira, Alentejo.

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Green coffee blends

Toasted and/or Roasted coffee blends

Different kind of packaging: from 250gr. to Big Bags

Coffee pods & coffee capsules

Home, office and professional coffee machines

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